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are no longer just for kids. Whether it is to commute around the city, exercise or just look the bees-knees; many adults are now opting for kick scooters as their new means of transport. With bike style tyres and fantastic manoeuvrability, these scooters are able to get you over roads, pavements and rougher terrain at speed with minimal effort.

Scooting is also  great alternative to running or cycling. Due to the scooting action having a low impact on your joints, scooting is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Try replacing shorter journeys with scooting, you will see an immediate positive impact on your health and you will also be able to save money at the same time!

What our customers say

Highly recommend OP Scooters. Ondřej was very helpful- really quick response on-line. - If you want to know about scooters / kickbikes OP's is the place to go - - Fabulous service - Ondřej is obviously extremely knowledgeable, theres no big sell, just honest help, so rare these days. My bike arrived just a few days after ordering - pretty much set up,and with a bit of youtube help and an alum key I was all set up in no time. Would totally recommend OP's.
Good advice when I went for a try-out. - Very quick delivery (including assembly) when I bought. - Excellent after-service (when I wrecked a wheel). - Really enjoying my Yedoo Dragstr after a year - much fitter and lighter now - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!