Burning calories

While riding a scooter, you burn as many calories as you would by running or riding a bicycle. Nevertheless, compared to those sports, the biggest advantages are: lower risk of injury, ease of movement, and option of using it at any age. A total of 800k calories  is burned on average over a ride of one hour. The exact figure is dependent on various conditions.

Toning up

Weight loss, movement coordination, and a great body along with strengthened muscles are among the top benefits of riding a scooter regularly. Not to mention that you’re working on both upper and lower limbs, which can help prevent varicose veins and other ailments.

Healthy movement

During the exercise you use the following body parts: head levator, back and chest muscles, large pectoral muscles or broad back muscles. The muscle corset along the back is the most to benefit from the ride. Because you’re bent forward for almost the whole ride, you’ll also be breathing more easily and deeply, which positively affects the lungs. Muscles of the arms and neck are used during leg kicks and your bottom muscles are in constant movement, so you’ll get results almost immediately. While enjoying your ride, you’re also working on your abdominal muscles. As you can see, all major muscle areas are stressed equally and the movement is naturally fluent.

Strengthening the body

Riding a scooter means that neither your joints nor spine are negatively influenced by shocks, in fact quite the opposite – it works well on your skeletal muscles. Compared to cycling, you’re not using only your lower parts, but you’re stretching the whole body. Take this as an example: a one kilometre ride is equals to almost 200 squats. Which is not bad at all, is it? Women particularly appreciate the fact that riding a scooter improves difficult-to-tone areas such as the hips, thighs and bottom.

Scooters  are for everyone

Additional benefits of scooter riding are better balance and coordination – and your body will also get rid of excessive water. These aspects make the scooter a perfect tool for rehabilitation after an injury. As mentioned earlier, the fluency of the movement is exactly why the scooter is suitable for every age. Moreover, many professional athletes say that it is a perfect addition to their training.

Finding peace

It so often happens that, when riding a scooter, a happy memory from your childhood pops up in your mind. And just for a moment, you stop thinking about the stressful modern world. Regular movement is a perfect way to relax and let go of tension and stress. Over the last few years, riding a scooter has found many new supporters of all ages.

Train like a PRO, feel like a KID