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Where are the pedals..
where is the seat..
how does it work?

About OP Scooters

How did it all begin?

A few years ago, I started taking my scooter out and riding it around the streets of London. You could say it attracted quite a bit of attention, and I got asked quite a lot of questions… where did I get this cool thing and what exactly is it? Where are the pedals.. where is the seat.. how does it work? Some asked me if they could have a go at riding it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much scooter-related information to give anyone – as far as I knew, there were no shops specialising in scooters in or close to London. So, after some thought, I decided to start my own shop, and here it is – OP Scooters (I picked my initials for the name of the shop). Take a look… you’ll find a broad selection of scooters for children and adults, ranging from smaller ones for city rides to bigger styles, plus designer scooters and downhill specials.

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At the moment, the business operates only as an e-shop, however, it offers the same personal and friendly service you’d get as if you’d walked into an actual shop.

Is this making you curious to go for a ride?

Contact Person : Ondrej

T: 0207 1837 359

M: 07841 538 195

Email: support@opscooters.com