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Follow your passion, and sucess will follow you

How did it all begin?

A few years ago, I started taking my scooter out and riding it around the streets of London. You could say it attracted quite a bit of attention, and I got asked quite a lot of questions… where did I get this cool thing and what exactly is it? Where are the pedals.. where is the seat.. how does it work? Some asked me if they could have a go at riding it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much scooter-related information to give anyone – as far as I knew, there were no shops specialising in scooters in or close to London. So, after some thought, I decided to start my own shop, and here it is – OP Scooters (I picked my initials for the name of the shop). Take a look… you’ll find a broad selection of scooters for children and adults, ranging from smaller ones for city rides to bigger styles, plus designer scooters and downhill specials.

Welcome to OP Scooters

where we offer high quality, innovative Scooter Bikes for Adults and Kids. Faster than walking, more fun than a bike. Scooting is a fantastic way to get your heart pumping, just step on and go. On our foldable scooter bikes, you can conquer the urban jungle, and for you adrenaline junkies, try our off road or racing kick scooter.  Little kickers fear not, we have a range especially for you.  With top quality brands like Yedoo, Mibo, Kickbike, Kostka, Morxes, Xootr and many more we have an extensive range to meet your kick scooter needs.

So put your feet up, have a browse and let’s kick it together. 

Ondrej Postulka

Ondrej Postulka

Founder of OP Scooters