Adult Folding Scooter Boardy review by @audioscootingkent

The most awesome looking folding kick scooter available. Smart and modern, unique in design. Almost echoing the feel of a skateboard it’s able to flex and move with you. Making it a fluid glide and not just a ride. Its characteristics stand it alone if comparing it to other scooters. Boardy offers a low impact cruise. I’ve not experienced another ride like it.

The low wide foot deck offers a sensitive foot steer. This can make handlebar steering appear to be light, but the sensation is compelling.
The wheels are big enough to bounce most potholes on footpaths. light and easy to stride and lift without slowing your pace.
There is a full range of models, a Boardy for everyone. There’s also a variety of wooden decks from classic Bamboo to Walnut or special Black Carbon Edition.
Boardy folds in one action effortlessly. The rear wheel is quick release and removes easily. This can be made easier by standing it on the footpath once folded using the handlebars as a stand. Leaving hands free to open a boot, remove the wheel or help a child. Boardy can roll on the rear wheel folded.

It has been built to be enjoyed and fit in your lifestyle.

It will make any adult find their inner child. A great way to get active and keep fit while having fun.

•Light weight fast.
•Quick fold and small.
•Choice of clamp colour and decks.

•Only one brake.
•No stand.
•Handlebars are very narrow/near to rider.

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