Mibo Mastr Review by @audioscootingkent
The Mibo Mastr is legendary, I consider it as highly as the more expensive SwiftyOne. Both an important but very different part of my ever growing scooter fleet. However I would pick Mibo Mastr in heartbeat for the long ride over SwiftyOne. The position of Mibo handlebars in relation to the solid foot deck, means the rider is in the perfect position to push. I love the handlebar style it allows for a more versatile and adjustable personalised riding position. Which the majority of other scooters don’t allow.
Effortless ride, very economical energy use. Such a pleasure to push. Best scooting position for myself if comparing to Boardy, Swifty, Osprey and Micros. It’s a real outdoor low impact full body workout. For me personally i find it requires less effort to ride than all other models.
I love to run uphill when I scoot, the low long slightly curved deck means mounting the scooter becomes part of my natural stride. The same with dismounting. Making it a great urban scooter, and riding and running with it seamless.
It feels lower than SwiftyOne and Boardy models.  Another really great feature on the Mibo Mastr scooter is a V-Brakes on both front and back wheels.
It folds in two movements and is fairly compact and light.
I love the satin colours. The colours complement the practical simple design. Sometimes you don’t feel shiny, you just want a Black Mibo with a bell, and two breaks.
I now have the mudguards too. Inexpensive and easy to fit.
A slender, stylish,  adventurous, cruiser or a fun all over workout, for those days you just want to let off steam and fly away.
  • More to offer for the price than any other scooter, great value.
  • Great for cruising or full workout.
  • It’s light & Folds really small.
  • Handlebar stem is short.
  • Doesn’t roll folded, has to be carried.
  • Footplate ground clearance is low, but the bonus to the ride by far outweighs this.

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