Swifty One Review by @audioscootingkent

The Black Beauty of foldable scooters. Attractive frame a superb design. A premium quality masterpiece of engineering. The individual characteristics of the SwiftyOne shine as bright as its colours do.
It is a solid sound ride. It appears to be indestructible, everlasting and durable. There is something delightfully satisfying about the way the Swifty folds up. A charm to roll along one handed. Easy to steer or lift.
I personally find SwiftyOne slightly cumbersome compared to Mibo Mastr or Boardy. But I do enjoy Swifty adventures without fear of pot holes, or loosing the back end.
I’ve found the fold and roll design extremely useful.
A good cruiser, or commuter. A great step into keeping fit with the potential of a really good workout. SwiftyOne is a pleasure/honour to own.
•Fold and roll design.
•Premium quality.
•Beautiful to ride.
•No stand.
•Fold and roll design does take longer to achieve.

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