Folding adult kick scooters have never been more popular.

Picking your first adult folding kick scooter can be a bit daunting, especially when you do it online.  To help you decide which kick scooter is right for you,  we took a range of folding kick scooters on a trip out of London. We wanted to really put them to the test firstly to see how easy they would be to fold and also to see whether they would fit in a boot of a car or on a train.

There are many different brands of folding adult scooters – and what might be the perfect option for you may not be suitable for someone else.  Wheel size, type of folding mechanism, weight and price are all factors that are important to consider.

We recommend that you test out some scooters before you buy.  We also recommend that you avoid purchasing really cheap folders (under £100) as they are a waste of money and can be dangerous as well.

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1.Mibo Mastr: The best selling adult folding kick scooter

£399 | Buy Now
Mibo Mastr folding adult kick scooter
Mibo Mastr

Designed and handmade in the Czech Republic, this folding scooter offers impressive stability and comfort. With universal city tyres and sporty geometry, it’s faster than many of its competitors. At 10kg, it is not the lightest kick scooter around but it has a handmade finished steel frame with a 5-year warranty that won’t let you down. Shimano V-brakes, adjustable handlebars and optional mudguards all tick the right boxes. It only takes approximately 15 seconds to fold it down for the train or boot of your car.

OP Scooters says
  • This is the one I wanted to ride the most, because of the perfect riding  position
  • Ideal for  XL riders
  • Built-in kickstand
  • Whilst in its folded down position, it does not stay together


2.SwiftyOne: Classic British folding kick scooter

£599 | Buy Now
SwiftyONE MK3 folding adult kick scooter available from OP Scooters
SwiftyOne MK3

SwiftyONE  is the critically acclaimed adult folding kick scooter, designed and engineered for the urban environment.  The special folding system is fitted with one V-brake and a rear aluminium pedal brake. Once you’ve mastered the folding process, the SwiftyONE can be folded within 15 seconds. It’s perfect for tucking into tight spaces, for travelling short distances and for those who have an appreciation of solid UK engineering.

OP Scooters says
  • Nice and wide footboard,  allowing you to have both your feet together
  • Upright position
  • The best foldable system and lovely British design
  • The scooting position is a little bit unusual as it positions the rider very close to the handlebars
  • Footboard height is a little too high
  • No kickstand

3.Kostka Rubik: Fun and practical for the daily commute

£549 | Buy Now
Kostka Rubik foldable scooter bike available from OP Scooters
Kostka Rubik

Kostka is the biggest brand. At 8.2kg, the Kostka Rubik is one of the lighter folding adult kick scooters out there.  The stiff and robust frame guarantees perfect stability and riding comfort.  It takes less than 30 seconds to fold this scooter. Thanks to a unique folding system, it can easily fit under your office desk or in your boot and super easy to take on public transport.

OP Scooters says
  • Nimble for the city and you can easily roll the scooter after folding
  • Lightweight


  • No kickstand option due to the twisting folding system

4.Mibo GT Split: Unfolds to become a full-size scooter with 26/20inch wheels

£499 | Buy Now
Mibo GT Split adult foldable scooter available from OP Scooters
Mibo GT Split

Mibo GT Split is the perfect option for longer journeys or those who prefer larger kick scooters. Thanks to the quick-release folding mechanism, it takes no more than 20 seconds to fold. It comes with Shimano V-brakes and smooth Schwalbe tyres and can be fitted with a front rack and mudguards.

OP Scooters says
  • Perfect geometry and riding position even for longer distances
  • Quick foldable system
  • Kickstand
  • Less portable and more bulky than a small foldable kick scooter.

5.Boardy: Standing out from the pack

£499 | Buy Now


Boardy is one of the coolest looking folding adult kick scooters. It has a unique wood design, foldable telescopic handlebars and weight limit over 100kg *.  Steering is super sensitive so you have to be on alert for potholes. Boardy is the perfect buddy for your boat, cruising on sunny promenade or in busy cities.

* Boardy XL Version

OP Scooters says
  • Design
  • Quick folding
  • Flexible frame
  • Front brake only
  • Flexible frame
  • No Kickstand

6.Kickbike Clix: Ideal for storing in your car or for spontaneous adventure

£449 | Buy Now
Foldable Kickbike Clix available from OP Scooters
Kickbike Clix

Kickbike Clix  has a solid but light aluminium frame. It’s as practical as a foldable kick scooter should be and comes with mudguards, a bell, reflective elements and telescopic handlebars. We love the Kickbike Clix for the build quality and its great value.  Even with the fitted mudguards, and folding amost in the middle, the Clix folds down into a nice little package. 

OP Scooters says:
  • Great handle for carrying scooter around
  • Mudguards are standard
  • Two positions on rear fork
  • Design? It’s not for everyone
  • Weight limit is only 90kgs
  • No kickstand
  • Footboard height is a little bit too high

7.Kostka Rebel: Fun and practical for the daily commute

£649 | Buy Now
Kostka Rebel

It might look like a child’s scooter but the Rebel is an adult folding kick scooter with 16/12 inch wheels and a weight limit of 120kg. At 6.2kg,  the Kostka Rebel is one of the lighter folding kick scooters out there. Big Apple tyres made scooting on this small scooter fast and smooth. Shimano V-brakes provide perfect stopping power. It takes less than 30 seconds to fold.  Overall it’s a really fun scoot.

OP Scooters says
  • Perfect for your daily city commute
  • Lightweight
  • Price
  • Because of twisting folding system there is no kickstand option

8.Xootr MG: Easy to fold and unfold, and ready for any type of transport

£299 | Buy Now
Xootr MG foldable scooter available from OP Scooters
Xootr MG

Xootr MG is the smallest kick scooter that we tested. Telescopic handlebars and frame made from magnesium make this scooter extremely light and strong. It’s very easy to fold and unfold. Xootr MG is an ideal buddy and perfect last mile solution.

OP Scooters says
  • Ideal last mile solution
  • Two brakes
  • Wide footboard
  • Small wheels are not that stable and the ride is less comfortable
  • No kickstand

9.Mibo Royal: A “big” nimble folding kick scooter

£479 | Buy Now
Adult Foldable scooter Mibo Royal available from OP Scooters
Mibo Royal

Mibo Royal is a big brother of Mibo Mastr. It has a strong steel frame and with 20-inch wheels that roll fast and smooth on bumpy city streets  it can be a perfect touring option.  The quick-release folding mechanism keeps total fold time down to around 20 seconds.  We like that the kickstand can be fitted with mudguards. The Mibo Royal is also a perfect solution for families, because it can be easily fitted with a child seat.

OP Scooters says:
  • Perfect for use with child seat
  • Low ground clearance makes the ride smooth and comfortable even for longer distances
  • Kickstand
  • Heavy frame
  • Doesn’t stay together while folded



Time to fold Folded Sizes (HxLxW) Wheel Size How compact it is when folded down Ride rating Weight

Without mudguards

1.Mibo Mast 15 seconds 110cm



16/16in ★★★★ ★★★★★ 10kg £399
2. SwiftyONE 15 seconds 106.5cm 66cm


16/16in ★★★★★ ★★★½ 8.3kg £599
3.Kostka Rubik 30 seconds 107cm 60cm  25cm 16/16in ★★★★★ ★★★★ 8.2kg £549
4. Mibo GT Split 20 seconds 120cm



26/20in ★★★ ★★★★★ 10.4kg £499
5.Boardy 10 seconds 102cm



12/12in ★★★★★ ★★★ 5.8kg £499
6. Clix 20 seconds 96cm



16/16in ★★★★ ★★★★ 7.8kg £449
7.Kostka Rebel 30 seconds 82cm



16/12in ★★★★★ ★★★★ 6.6kg £649
8. Xootr MG 10 seconds 79cm



180mm ★★★★★ ★★½ 4.9kg £299
9. Mibo Royal 15 seconds 133cm



20/20in ★★★½ ★★★★★ 11.5kg £479

Whether you want to ride five miles or 1000 miles, there is a kick scooter for you.

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