How to choose a kick scooter

Kick Scooters for Children
  • For children from 1.5 to 5 years old, we offer our balance bikes from Yedoo and Kostka which are an easy way to improve balance and and to make a seamless transition to a regular bike or kick scooter.
  • For children from 4 to 8 years old, you can choose the Mau or Tidit from the brand new Yedoo collection, or one of the kids scooters from Kostka Kid Mini or Rebel Kid.  Of course, apart from age, please consider the height of your child as well as their level of coordination.

All our kids scooters are fitted with V-brakes (Tektro, Shimano, etc.), and pneumatic tyres (Kenda, Schwalbe, etc.) to ensure a smooth ride.

Kick Scooters for Adults

Just starting out? Try the Kostka Hill or Tour Fun or Yedoo City or MezeqThese are all outstanding scooters and offer top value.

Kick Scooters for city

Traveling by train, bus or small car? Consider a 16″ or 20″ foldable scooter such as the Mibo Mastr, Kostka Rubik, Mibo Royal vs Kostka Twenty Fold  Commute with speed, comfort and style. Bing, bang, and you’re done!

If you don’t need a foldable scooter, the Yedoo Friday , Rodstr or Kostka Hill are all excellent choices

Kick scooters for longer distance

Mibo Malaga, Kostka Tour Max , Yedoo Trexx or Morxes Vedneta are waiting to take you on your next adventure. There is nothing easy than step on scooter and go.

Road Kick Scooters

Are you ready to push the limits of what a scooter can do? Try the Yedoo Wolfer, winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, or the Kickbike Race. Yes, these incredible scooters traveled over 3,600 kms in the phenomenal Kick Italy 2017.


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