I’m flying when I scoot.

My name is Dan and this is my story

“It was an electric scooter which gave me the idea but I don’t even think of that as a real scooter anymore. “

About 8 years ago I ruptured a disc in my back. It was agony. The years have blended together now, but in a haze of morphine I spent a lot of my life being pretty inactive. At one point, after an epidural injection to ease the pain, I lost all control of my right foot and the consultant told me it might get better or it might not. It did get better. But my back problems came and went and when they came they lasted months and things seemed to be getting worse rather than better

After trying to walk with a stick, and then with crutches, it was clear that the best and most effective way to remain mobile whilst in pain was with a 4 wheeled mobility aid

It worked pretty well but I never liked using it. I would never have succumbed to a mobility scooter but I was aware of electric kick scooters so I treated myself. Now I could go further. It was great.

But then somehow I realised that non-electric scooters would probably work for me as I would be able to just walk with it and lean on it like with a mobility walker.

I was on a roll. Literally. I went from stumbling frustratingly with a walker, to riding happily with a scooter. My best rides were along the canal path, which the Mezeq is perfect for.

I had got the bug. I found the fabulous Facebook group ‘kick scooters in Uk’ and was soon making friends and finding myself more and more intrigued by these wonderful devices. Ondrej was kind enough to sell me an ex-hire Mezeq which made it affordable, and was in pretty much perfect condition

This was followed by another very wonderful scooter, the Boardy. Ondrej’s enthusiasm and generosity shone through with the price of one which had been used for display purposes. 


I was officially obsessed because I had found something which not only helped with my mobility but gave me huge joy. I feel like I’m flying when I scoot.

Something which is often even more incapacitating than a painful back is my anxiety. I have lived with bipolar disorder and some level of agoraphobia for a long time and am frequently too anxious to leave the house. But scooting makes me feel so good that I just smile when I’m out and about. It has an incredibly positive effect on my mental health. 

To have found something which enables me to be mobile, has strengthened my back, and brought me such joy is just beyond wonderful. And not forgetting the friends I’ve made on the FB group. It’s an absolute delight.

It has 16” wheels, a very low footboard, and wide handlebars with front and back brakes. It is fantastic. 

I did, and still do, get times when my anxiety takes over, or my out of condition body protests, but with support from my new friends I can vicariously enjoy other people’s adventures. Often, with support and humour, I can be goaded into just getting out there and pushing away all the irrational anxiety.

Having experienced the utter joy of the Mibo brand I decided to find a contrast In size to my other scooters.  

This one has got me further than I ever thought I’d go. 11 miles.  I am delighted with myself. The big wheels just want to roll and roll. My strength and confidence is increasing so much that I wasn’t nervous about being so far, geographically, out of my comfort zone. I love this beast.

I would, and very often do, recommend scooting to everyone, but it’s especially worth considering if you have mobility issues or mental health issues.  There’s nothing quite like it. I feel like I’m flying when I scoot. 

And I’m so grateful to Ondrej for his relentless enthusiasm and generosity. 

This guy has played a big part in changing my life