How to Choose an Adult kick scooter

There are many types of adult footbikes/ kick scooters available. From city commuting scooters, electric, lightweight, foldable, to specialised downhill scooters.

If you are new to scootering or just want to upgrade from smaller scooter it can be difficult to find the perfect one for you, so read on for some of our tips on how to choose the best adult kick scooter to suit your purpose and body.

Why a kick scooter?

Scooting is perfect alternative to cycling or running with low impact on your joints , it’s a great form of  cross-training and also can in help your recovery from injuries. Riding a kick scooter is also incredibly fun so its a great way to inject a smile into your day whilst commuting and exercising at the same time.

The best scooters for daily urban commuting:

Mibo Mastr
Mibo Mastr

Daily commuting to work or just quick short ride? The perfect ride for you would be a kick scooter with comfortable upright position, smaller wheels and  high pressure pneumatics tyres. Urban scooters can also be fitted with child seat.


Mibo Royal with child seat
Mibo Royal with child seat

If you want to combine your scoot ride with train or bus journey smaller wheels or  foldable scooters are a good option.

Yedoo Friday
Yedoo Friday

Cons: foldable adult kick scooters are usually heavier and some folding mechanism style are more user friendly than others.

Pros: could be the ideal “last mile” solution, and they takes up minimum space at home

Below is a checklist of what you should look for or consider when purchasing a scooter:

  • 16” or 20” wheels maximum wheels size
  • Weight limit – most of our scooter have a weight limit up to 150kg / 330lbs
  • Two V-Brakes for maximum safety
  • Available accessories such as mudguards or kickstand
  • Rider height – most scooter are suitable for adults up to 185cm / 6.1ft
  • Build frame quality and components

So, here are our recommendations for the best scooters for daily urban commuting

Do i need really hybrid/fitness scooter or road scooter is better for me.

The best scooter for recreational or fitness ride.

Morxes Cavia, Yedoo Trexx and Morxes Cavia
Morxes Cavia, Yedoo Trexx and Morxes Cavia

The hybrid or fitness scooter is a larger category and in our opinion is a great option for scooting both on asphalt and also off the road on gravelly surfaces. From looking at them at first glance it may seem that the tyres are too slim for exploring the forest, and the scooter is to low, but actually it is fine, and we know because we have tested out a huge range of different scooters for this purpose and all scooters have a extra frame protection

There are two brands Yedoo and Kickbike who have scooters with easily adjustable rear forks so you can also adjust the clearance of the scooter to the ground. This can make a big difference to your ride.

Kickbike City G4
Kickbike City G4

The main benefit if these hybrid scooters is that they work really well both on and off the road. Due to the size of the tyres they are also much faster than the urban scooters with smaller tyres.

  • Wheel size at least 26/20 inch
  • Most scooter are equipped with high quality V-Brakes some models can have a Disc brakes
  • Frame material Steel (bigger weight limit) vs Aluminium (lighter frames)
  • Ground clearance, smaller is better
  • Universal all terrain hybrid tyres
  • Available accessories mudguards, kickstand etc
  • Compatibility with front racks or handlebar luggage you can check our range from Goodordering here.

Not sure if the hybrid kick scooters are for you or maybe you have also road or racing ambitions? Perhaps your typical rides will be 90% on asphalt roads, gravel or maybe some light forest tracks? Then stick to one of our fantastic road scooters which will still get you from A to B and even faster on the road and they easy manage gravel and light terrain.

Mibo Revoo Mibo Revoo[/caption]

Here are the options we have available for you depending on your budget

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And if you are still not sure which adult kick scooter can be the best for you do not hesitate to contact Us at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help you. You can also join our kick scooter community on Facebook here. We recommend to spend time to do some research and try more kick scooters before you order some.