Urban Kick Scooters

Are you sick of spending all your hard earned money on fuel, sitting in heavy traffic and wasting hours of your time on the road?  Our Urban Kick Scooters give you the freedom to cruise past traffic jams, bypass congestion and leave pedestrians in a cloud of dust as you race past them. So why are you still driving to work – when you could be scooting? The scooter is no longer just for kids, and our sleek frames are designed with sophistication and comfort in mind. Our scooters are versatile, so you can carry your briefcase, gym-kit or even your shopping, and still look stylish on the road.

Made with top quality materials, these scooters feature fantastic manoeuvrability and minimal maintenance requirements, so you can head off to work without the worry of breaking down.  Scooting Is Great For The Environment | Commuting has never been so healthy, fun and sustainable. The Urban Kick Scooter is human-powered, so it’s a great way to get a little exercise into your day, whilst also helping the environment with one less fossil-fuelled engine on the road.

The bike-style tyres can take you over roads and pavements, as well as tougher terrains, with minimal effort. So you can arrive to work in style, on time and ready to start the day – happy in the knowledge that you’re actively shaping the future of urban mobility.

Sound good to you? Check out our full range of Urban Kick Scooters and start your new commute today.