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Boardy Carbon folding kick scooter


Our ‘flagship’ kick scooter, the Boardy Black Carbon (normal board flexibility).

Breathtaking design with black carbon fiber coating on top and bottom of the board topped with light grey grip tape, black anodized rims and spokes, anodized gold Brake Booster and clamps, and the very best quality heavy duty hubs with sealed bearings. Your Boardy won’t get better than this.

Our lightest and toughest Boardy thanks to the super strong carbon fibre and heavy duty wheel hubs by Miche that withstand harsh conditions.

All boards have been tested with over 220 kg (485 lbs) load.

For the comfort of taller riders (up to 200 cm or 6’8”) we recommend optional extended handle bar. This is an optional upgrade that can be purchased together with any Boardy Scooter and it replaces the default handle column.





Boardy Carbon Folding Kick Scooter

Boardy is Top quality, lightweight, portable and durable folding kick scooters for your adventures and daily commute.


max 100kg





  • Full stainless design, foldable
  • Front U-Brake, operated by left hand
  • Quick Fold system (foldable in 5 seconds)
  •  High Adjustable Handle Bar (with optional extended handlebar
  •  Flexible Wooden Board with black carbon fiber coating on top and bottom of the board
  • 12” pneumatic Continental tires, QuickRelease wheels
  • Lightened body (5,8 kg without accessories)


  • Full stainless design (hand polished and anodized aluminum parts body, stainless steel parts)
  • Front U-Brake by XLC, operated by left hand
  • QuickFold system (the scooter folds and unfolds in 5 seconds, the foldable stem is locked securely when riding)
  • Adjustable Handle Bar (best suited for riders between 150 and 190 cm – with optional extended handle bar for taller riders)
  • Flexible, all-length wooden board with cover of your choice on top and glass fibre coating on the bottom (normal flexibility – best suited for riders under 100 kg (220 lbs) body weight)
  • 12” diameter pneumatic, high pressure Continental tires with puncture belt, Continental tubes and anodized aluminum wheels from Remerx
  • Miche wheel hubs with Quick Release (optional heavy duty sealed wheel hubs available)
  • Lightweight build (5,8 kg without accessories)



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