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Boardy Kid Scooter


The renowned Boardy scooter re-designed for kids.

Suitable from age 4 and up to 12, it guarantees the same perfect ride comfort for children as experienced on adult Boardy scooters.

Choose the handle bar length to best suit your child’s age:

  • Short handle bar – from 4 to 7 year old children (best up to 130 cm) – adjustable in three position
  • Long handle bar – from 8 to 12 year old children (from 120 to 145 cm) adjustable in three position
  • Both – you can choose to receive both handle bars in the package which then can be changed as your child grows.

Stem Clamp Colour

  • Blue
  • Red

Handle Height



Boardy folding kick scooter

Boardy is Top quality, lightweight, portable and durable folding kick scooters for your adventures and daily commute.


max 45kg




Suitable for kids between 4 – 12 years (up to 45 kg (100 lbs) body weight)

Light and stainless design (painted aluminum body and stainless steel parts)

Front U-Brake by XLC, operated by left hand (brake lever sized for kids’ hands)

Detachable handle for storage or transportation

Adjustable Handlebar (two size options)

Flexible, all-length wooden board with bamboo cover (powered by FlexiTech composite)

12” diameter pneumatic tires, anodized aluminum wheels from Remerx

Miche wheel hubs with Quick Release

Lightweight build (4.5 kg without accessories)


 Boardy Kid is not just a kick scooter for kids. 

Scooting fun does not have to end where other kids’ scooters can’t go.

Fun and safe ride on all terrains for your children with the Boardy Kid thanks to its flexible board and large inflatable wheels.

Better grip and handling is guaranteed with the large wheels while the shock absorbing board will smooth out the ride on any surface.

Kids’ size handbrake is always at hand for safe and quick stops.


The Boardy’s soul lies in its full-length, composite board made of natural beech wood and glass fibre layers.

Flexibility of the composite board helps in absorbing most vibration from uneven terrains while guaranteeing perfect handling of the scooter.

Several layers of glass fibre makes the board literally unbreakable. 

The Kid’s board is manufactured with exactly the same FlexiTech technology developed for the the original Boardy model but the Boardy Kid’s flexibility is adjusted to best suit younger riders below 45 kg (100 lbs).

Available with bamboo cover only.


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Stem Clamp Colour

  • Blue
  • Red

Handle Height