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eBike/Scooter conversion kit


A complete kit for conversion into an electric scooter The motor with a 26″  or 28″ rim to the front wheel with the output of 500W (36V) or 750W (48V). The kit contains a complete electric equipment that can be supplemented with a battery of your choice (36/48V).
The kit for conversion of a bike or scooter into an electric bike with an innovated control unit supporting voltage of 36 and 48 V. As a new feature the unit can read the data about speed and reached distance directly from the engine and thus the kit no longer contains a speed sensor – the assembly is thus easier and better arranged. The conversion kit is made for instalation to front wheel.
The 500W engine version connected with a 36 V battery is a favorite and economic variant of an electric drive for your bike. Upon connecting 48 V battery the engine output rises up to 750W. Thanks to high torque of a powerful engine it is possible to ride on the bike even in the accelerator mode. The engine is maintenance-free and thanks to its robust design it can be significantly overloaded without any damage.

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EVBIKE battery 

The EVBIKE high capacity battery  is very easy to install on the wheel frame instead of the bottle holder. The fact that the battery is at the center of the wheel, the optimal center of gravity is achieved. The battery is equipped with anti-theft lock. After unlocking, the battery can be easily removed from the holder, for example during charging or transport.

The battery includes an intelligent BMS protection module for balancing cells, protecting them against overcharging and discharging. The battery has no memory effect and does not support recuperation. The battery has a USB output for charging external devices.
Battery can be charged by 2 A or fast 5 A chargers.

Contents of eBike/Scooter conversion kit 

  • The engine with the wheel wiring in the 26″ or 28″rim
  • LCD display with control
  • EVBIKE frame battery in black colour
  • Programmable control unit
  • L+R brake lever with a disconnector
  • Throttle accelerator
  • Main cable bundle
  • Pedal assistant
  • Fastcharger 5A


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