Kick Scooter Crussis Urban


The generous wheelbase length of our URBAN footbikes helps make them extremely stable and they handle confidently at all speeds.
Perfect for :

    • Skateboarders
    • Commuters
    • Students
    • Sportsmen


Kick Scooter Crussis Urban

Savage speed, hard core downtime with this killer kick scooter. Kick Scooter Crussis Urban is designed for hobby and sport-enthusiasts.

CRUSSIS Alu MTB Handlebars

The scooter is designed as for children from 8 years old as for adults up to 6ft 7in

20" Schwalbe Big Apple

Crussis double wall rims and sealed bearings

Crussis Urban

Change your life with CRUSSIS kick scooter!

26" Schwalbe Big Apple

Front and rear TEKTRO „V“ brakes

CRUSSIS Real Steel with color-coordinated powder coat on footboard
Rims Front 26“, rear 20“, CRUSSIS double wall rim
Brakes Tektro V- brakes
Weight  10kg
Tyres Schwalbe Big Apple 
Accessories  Kickstand, mudguards, 

Kick Scooter Crussis Urban is perhaps the most versatile models available. These all purpose beauties are perfect for short trips around town, a gentle, “rolling stroll” with friends, or vigorous aerobic exercise. They handle superbly on the street and the bike path, and are even suitable for a bit of gentle off-pavement riding.

Kick Scooter Crussis Urban exclusive from OP Scooters


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