Kick Scooter Mibo GT

£459.00 inc .Vat

Monstrous fun and ferocious speed, on this Kick Scooting GIANT. The new Mibo GT is a perfect universal kick scooter for adults with great comfort and of course the quality is as expected from Mibo.



Kick Scooter Mibo GT

You can easily customise your kick scooter Mibo GT  because the fenders (sold separately) are available in various colors

MIBO is the Godfather of scooter bikes

Aluminium Zoom handlebars

The special and timeless retro design of the kick scooter Mibo GT is very well done.

Vredestein Fiammante 700 x 28 C

Integrated Mibo kickstand

Kick Scooter Mibo GT in yellow

Handmade in Czech Republic

„Here is your kickscooter.
You can do anything you want with it.“

20"x1,3 Vredestein Moiree

Front and rear Shimano 4000 V-Brakes

Frame Steel frame
Wheels Novatec F- 28″ + B- 20″Alu 32, double wall rims
Brakes Shimano 4000
Weight limit  150kg (330lb)
Tyres Schwalbe Road Cruiser 
Accessories  Integrated kick stand, bell

Kick Scooters Mibo Gran Turismo means long journey

We have had this concept in our heads for a long time. We wanted to create machine with sport ambitions without compromising comfort, stability and practical everyday use. This is our first construction based on 1.5 mm steel profile. With minimal changes it can be modified easily to light terrain or for occasional racers. 


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