Kick Scooter SwiftyZERO


SwiftyZERO’s beauty is in its simplicity. Its also equally the perfect scooter for crusing around, nipping to the shops or joining the kids on a school run.



Kick Scooter SwiftyZero

Kick Scooter SwiftyZero is perfect adult kick bike for fitness and long distance endurance.

• Lightweight 8.3kg | Max load 150kg (330lb)
• 16 inch (305mm) anodised wheel with CNC rims
• Front Tektro V-brakes, integrated rear pedal brake
• High-pressure Kenda KWest road tyres, street tread, max 100 PSI with reflective strip
• Heat treated T6 aluminium 6061 folding frame
• Steel rear fork and front fork with 15mm offset
• Slim profile when folded, and can be rolled on its front wheel

• Height 1000mm
• Length 1350mm
• Width 140mm
• Handlebar Width 555mm
• Deck height: 110mm
• Deck ground clearance 65mm


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