Kick Scooter Yedoo Dragstr

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Meet the brand new Yedoo Dragstr!

Fast, light and compact as a pocket knife. You won’t find these characteristics in any other scooter.

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Kick Scooter Yedoo Dragstr

Kick Scooter Yedoo Dragstr flies like a dragon!

You can never run out of thrills

  • [1] Length:  159 cm / 62.6 in
  • [2] Footboard:  40 cm / 15.7 in
  • [3] Handlebar height:  90 – 95 cm / 35.4 – 37.4 in
  • [4] Width of handlebars:  64 cm / 25.2 in
  • [5] Ride height (higher/lower position):  4,5 / 6,5 cm // 1.8 / 2.6 in
  • [6] Distance between footboard and ground (higher/lower position):  7,2 / 9,2 cm // 2.8 / 3.6 in
  • [7] Room for rider:  64 cm / 25.2 in

Yedoo Cross Alloy Handlebars

Fast, light and compact as a pocket knife.

20" Kenda tyre

Preparation for bottle holder, mudguards, kick stand

Sports green kick scooter Yedoo Dragstr with two 20inch wheels and black details on white background


Each model has its own personality

20" Kenda tyre

Front a and rear Tektro V-Brakes, two position rear fork


Frame Yedoo Hi-Ten Steel
Wheels Novatec hubs F- 20″ + R -20″HJC alloy double wall + CNC side walls
Brakes Tektro Alloy
Weight limit  150kg (300lb)
Tyres Kenda
Optional Accessories  Mudguards, bottle holder, bell,…

“Drag racing” is probably the oldest type of automobile or motorcycle race. Most commonly, two souped-up vehicles compete head-to-head on a short, straight course. And races are often held off the race course. Dragstr manages all this without any problem. High-standard components are similar to Wolfer and Trexx but Dragstr´s compact size is a huge advantage. It flies like a dragon!


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