Kick Scooter Yedoo Trexx

£449.00 inc .Vat

Asphalt? Gravel? Hairpin turns? Mountains? Forest? Cobblestones? A partner who will have your back through whatever adventure.




Kick Scooter Yedoo Trexx

Kick Scooter Yedoo Trexx is a partner who will cover your back with any adventure.

You can never run out of thrills

  • 1 LENGTH 170 cm / 66.9 in
  • 2 FOOTBOARD 40 cm / 15.7 in
  • 3 HEIGHT OF HANDLEBARS 90 – 101 cm / 35.4-39.8 in
  • 4 WIDTH OF HANDLEBARS 60 cm / 23.6 in
  • 5 RIDE HEIGHT (HIGHER/LOWER POSITION) 4,5/6,5 cm // 1.8/2.6 in
  • 7 ROOM FOR RIDER 68 cm / 26.8 in
  • MIN. HEIGHT 130 cm / 51 in
  • LOADING LIMIT 130 kg / 287 lb

UNO alloy DB handlebars

Trexx is pulled ahead by a perfect frame, fast wheels and cutting-edge components

26" KENDA (kevlar guard)

Preparation for ,mudguards, bottle holder,kickstand

Universal Kick Scooter Yedoo Trexx available from OP Scooters London UK


Each model has its own personality

20" KENDA (kevlar guard)

Tektro V-Brakes and levers

Frame Yedoo Alloy
Wheels Novatec road F- 26″ + R -20″HJC alloy double wall + CNC side walls
Brakes Tektro Alloy
Weight limit  130 kg / 287 lb
Tyres Kenda
Optional Accessories  Mudguards, bottle holder, bell,…

Zdeněk Valenta rode northwards through Scandinavia until the only path marker was lichen, the reindeer were making him a cuppa and he was teaching dried fish to speak. Stef Dietschi rode from Switzerland to Istanbul, and David Ceccarelli and Andrea Gesmundo scooted through Iceland, from the icebergs all the way to the lava fields.  Pack your things. You’ll never come back the same.


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