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Kostka Raptor Mushing Kick Scooter


Kostka Raptor is truly a predator on the road – and you and your dog will like it! This adult bike faces even the worst terrain so effortlessly that you will be astonished by it. It can also ride on snow.

If you are looking for a terrain kick scooter with fat tyres or for a great model for mushing, this one is perfect because it has an extended deck and a loop for fastening the dog leash and the spring.


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Kostka Raptor extreme mushing footbike

Whether you go for a ride alone or together with your dog, you can be sure that you will experience a loads of  fun. 


max 150kg




Dogs Love To Run

Yea, big ol’ shocker there. With the exception of a few overly relaxed breeds, most dogs like to run…check that, they love to run…check that, their most favorite thing in the entire world is to RUN!

The problem is they usually run faster and farther than we can. On a dog scooter or a cart, dogs are able to run as fast and far as they want in a controlled and safe way. Leading to a tired, relaxed, and happy dog (and owner)

  • Brakes SHIMANO m615
  • Hubs KOSTKA HK 1532 DS
  • Tires 4″ Fat
  • Rims Wide
  • Stem Force Basic 70 mm – 31,8 mm
  • Handlebars Force MTB 740 mm – 31,8 mm
  • Front fork Rigid 20″ – 150 mm
  • Bearings (Hubs) NTN Japan (Industrial)
  • Headset KOSTKA HSK 2834
  • Handlebar Grips Rubber – locking


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