Kick Scooter Yedoo Friday

£279.00 inc .Vat

Today you need to ride by the market, three cafés, two exhibition openings, the cinema and all the clubs. It’s Friday night and the city lights are just for you.

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Kick Scooter Yedoo Friday

Kick Scooter Yedoo Friday has excellent maneuverability in city, easily takes fast turns and handles uneven terrain

You can never run out of thrills

  • [1] Length:  136 cm / 53.5 in
  • [2] Footboard:  40 cm / 15.7 in
  • [3] Handlebar height:  92 – 103 cm / 36.2 – 40.6 in
  • [4] Width of handlebars:  64 cm / 25.2 in
  • [5] Ride height (higher/lower position):  5 / 7 cm // 2 – 2.8 in
  • [6] Distance between footboard and ground (higher/lower position):  7,7 / 9,7 cm // 3 / 3.8 in
  • [7] Room for rider:  61 cm / 24 in

Yedoo Cross alloy handlebars

Meet the brand new Kick Scooter Yedoo Friday

16" Kenda tyre

Preparation for bottle holder, mudguards, kick stand

Kick Scooter Yedoo Friday Cream city kick scooter for adults and kids on 16" Kenda tyres with Tektro brakes, bmx handlebars, white background


Each model has its own personality

16" Kenda tyre

Tektro V-Brakes, adjustable footboard height.

Frame Yedoo Alloy
Wheels Novatec F- 16″ + R -16″HJC alloy double wall + CNC side walls
Brakes Tektro Alloy
Weight limit  150 kg / 330 lb
Tyres Kenda
Optional Accessories  Mudguards, bottle holder, bell,…

Or maybe you’re riding around at a film shoot. Well, really you’re off to violin lessons and then maybe down to the pond. No, you’re at the warehouse and need to get over to Hall C asap… It’s alright; you can make it to everything. Friday has excellent maneuverability, easily takes fast turns and handles uneven terrain. It fits into a car trunk (quick-release levers on both wheels help) and aboard tram, in your classroom or office. And that office could be on the fifth floor (no lift) – at less than 7 kilograms, even a Chihuahua would be able to carry it.  Thanks to the new all-aluminium frame and fast wheels, you don’t have to think twice about heading out beyond the city limits or finally going for a proper ride.


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