Hi guys– tell us a bit about yourself, and your scooters

Hi Ondřej, thanks for taking time out to do this. My names Ryan, I’m 28 an electrician from Herefordshire. My other passion in life is drumming. I play in a band called Head Honcho. I started kick biking this year. Graham got me started as he’s got some cool hobbies. I started off with a kickbike city. I ripped it to bits and put better bars/tyres and stem on it. But it just wasn’t comfortable over a long distance. Decided to upgrade and with the help and guidance from OP scooters we both went with the Yedoo Trexx scooters. These are incredible bits of kit. Very nice to ride and comfortable on the arms and wrists.
My name is Graham Barber. I am 47 years old from Hereford. I own a tattoo studio which is where I met Ryan, we have been great friends ever since. I started around two years ago after I built my own scooter from old bicycle frames and realised what awesome fun it is for leisure and as a form of green transport. I now own a Kickbike and a Yedoo Trexx to do the trip with.

What inspired you to do this great trip ?

It started off as a little joke between myself and Graham. I then decided if we are doing this crazy idea. Then we may as well do it so a charity benefits from it.
We are always coming up with crazy ideas and after Ryan said that he wanted to raise money for the air ambulance the idea was born.

How are you preparing for this trip.

We are currently working on our rigs. As we are looking at carrying a lot of stuff. We are adapting the scooters to have front and read racks and bar bags. We are trying to get out as much as we can on the scooters. I did try running to up my fitness but it’s too hard on the joints. So I’m going to try and rack up the miles in the evenings from here on out.
I have previously rode a recumbent trike from Edinburgh to Hereford for a local charity and I race recumbent bikes with the British human power club so I have a level of fitness, I just need to keep on kicking to get ready for the 40plus miles that we will have to cover every day of the trip. We are both training together when time allows and I am planning to scoot to work which is a 32 mile round trip to test myself. So far I haven’t plucked up the courage ha ha.

I heard you want to raised for some good cause tell us a little bit about that?

We are doing this trip for The Air Ambulance charity. This is close to my heart as they saved my life after a motorcycle crash in 2013, where myself and my brother broke our backs. Arms, legs fingers the list goes on. So if I can raise a bit to keep those helicopters up in the sky. I will give it a dam good try! Thank you for sharing this with us and good luck on the road

You can read more and support Graham and Ryan Road to no where here www.justgiving.com/fundraising/beardbrothers

If anyone is interested in following Ryan and Graham adventures then it can be found on  Facebook here 

You can find all Yedoo Trexx here :Buy Now