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Imagine a beautiful weekend morning, the sun is out and you want to enjoy it. But the kids would rather be on a games console and grumble if you even mention the word ‘walking’.

This will be no more with a scooter! A safe and fun way to explore the outdoors over all terrains. Whizz around the local area with enough speed to get a superhero cape sailing in the wind.

Now the kids are off to write their list to Santa.

Scooters for Girls and Boys

We stock kids scooters in a range of types and wheel sizes for boys and girls at all stages of development.  Balance bikes are the best for under four years old.  For over fours,  our 12” wheels are ideal.  Older children and teenagers get on best with 16” wheels. For those in-between, we find that 16”/12” wheels (a hybrid of the above) offer the best fit.