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Do you want all the speed and fun of a bike, but you haven’t got the space to store one? Does your commute involve other modes of transport – from trains to planes to automobiles?  Our Adult Folding Scooters are a great option for you. Once folded up, they’re easy to take with you on public transport. So if you’re jumping on the train you won’t need to buy an extra seat. They also fit perfectly into the boot of a car, so you really can take your scooter everywhere you go.

Scoot Around The City | For those of you commuting, a folding scooter should enable you to navigate the city with ease – skipping crowded buses and passing busy traffic jams. Once you get to work, simply fold up your scooter and pop it under your desk, safely secured and ready for the ride home.

Take Your Scooter Out To The Countryside  | If you’re planning a leisurely trip, include your scooter as part of the fun. Our Kick Scooters are the perfect, knee-friendly alternatives to running or cycling and they don’t require any additional equipment such as a bike rack. Just fold them up, pop them in the boot and head to the countryside for the weekend.

Take a look at our full range of Adult Folding Scooters and enjoy all the fun of cycling, but with added compact practicality