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Biggest online scooter bike shop in UK

Scooters are no longer just for kids. Whether it is to commute around the city, exercise or just look the bees-knees; many adults are now opting for kick-scooters as their new means of transport. With bike style tyres and fantastic manoeuvrability, these scooters are able to get you over roads, pavements and rougher terrain at speed with minimal effort.

For the commuter, the ride means you can skip the bus and take on the journey, in comfort, with a breeze through your hair (hair required for this feature), without the cramping of public transport or irritation of a bike seat. The size, and in some cases ability to fold, makes it more friendly to take onto public transport if necessary and into the workplace.

Those who buy a kick scooter for leisure can expect a low-impact cardio workout; a perfect, knee friendly, alternative to running or cycling. What’s even better is that you can fix up your kick scooters to use them when walking the dog and have no trouble keeping up, unless maybe you have a whippet*

*chihuahuas may require a basket to sit in, purchased separately